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In a normal dating process, you would go to a website and create a profile with all the needed information and then search for matching profiles Speed dating. Even though this process saves a lot of time and effort and also eases the whole process, people still miss the personal touch. You have only one chance to make an impression. The first impression is based on how you look, followed by what you say. Check for any turnoff. Keep your hair kempt, check your body odor and bad breath. Nothing turns a woman off as quickly as bad breath. It is also called as round robin dating service after the first event in 1998, organized at Beverley hills. speed dating got really boosted and people became well aware of it after it featured in several movies. The object of speed dating is to offer a person many choices of singles to get to know in a blind date setting. However, the novelty is that each "date" only lasts several minutes each. The common complaint about speed dating is this: "How much can you know about a person in eight minutes?" The reality is that you don't, but that's not the purpose of speed dating either. You are there for two main purposes: First, to make an impression to get them interested. Second, to select a potential life partner.But somehow, modern dating has incorporated all the best dating service available in the world to help find one s true f r lskelse and speed up the dating process. speed dating is novel dating process and helps to easily find one s true for lskelse.