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The people you meet in a speed dating event mean that you will choose a couple of them who will then form the basis of networking. You do not have to wait for days to talk with your prospective and potential lover. This service is an instant one. You can go for many dates within a very short time. Another great advantage for this kind of dating is that you get to sign up for free.You must remember that the speed dating exercise is like a business interview and you have to be prepared well for the exercise. You have no choice but to be sharp and on your toes. So far from the traditional pot luck of who you get the dates with there are plenty of opportunities to meet anyone who catches your eye speed dating.Your personal information is kept safe by the host/hostess. All the information that the other person needs to see is your name (usually on a name badge). It affects the future of a relationship. After the speed dating exercise, the participants zero down to more tradition ways of maintaining the relationship. This details if assumed can bring future problems. What is speed dating anyway? NYC Speed Date is an exciting activity that allows everyone to meet singles, without the pressure at all. The problem with blind dating is that you are forced to mingle and interact with that particular person, even though you can t bear your first five minutes of being together. There is no set in stone time limit for the 'dates' to take place, the majority range from 3 to 10 minutes but vary significantly depending on the event.Despite the organization of the event (or perhaps because of it) more relationships get started in the bar afterwards when both sexes can mix freely.